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Rainwear Evolution: A Decade of Innovation


Rainwear, as a must-have shield against nature's fury, has gone through big changes that mix need with new ideas. DongLian is making rainwear and has done it for over ten years, our path is all about making sure our stuff is top quality, works well, and looks good too.


**Different Materials**


Our factory boasts three primary production lines, including high-frequency welding, sewing, and seam taping. Through these lines, we exhibit flexibility in catering to the diverse demands of different materials. EVA, PVC/Polyester, PU, and seam-taped rainwear each offer unique advantages tailored to varying needs and preferences. Beyond conventional designs, we also offer customized printing to meet personalized demands, ensuring a bespoke touch for every customer.


**Strong Production**


Our production systems adhere to ISO9001 certification standards, ensuring that our products meet international quality benchmarks. Moreover, we recently acquired a BSCI-certified garment factory to fulfill the burgeoning demand for high-quality workwear from our existing rainwear clientele. This strategic move not only expands our production capacity but also offers customers a comprehensive range of options, from rainwear to workwear.


**Expert Skills and Paying Attention to Details**


We're good at helping customers make all kinds of new stuff, whether it's new designs or new materials. We pay close attention to all the details, way more than other folks in the business. Being pros, we know that getting all the little things right is super important for success. That's why we focus on not just how things look or work, but also on all the little details in making sure everything is top-notch.


**Looking Forward**


Reflecting on the past decade's journey of innovation, we approach the future with confidence. Through relentless improvement and innovation, we will continue to chart the course of the rainwear industry. Our aim is to continually meet the evolving needs of customers, providing them with higher-quality, more innovative products that add comfort and style to rainy days.


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